Contract under the law of obligations

The buyer enters into a notarised contract under the law of obligations that sets forth all the details of the transaction. Pursuant to the contract under the law of obligations, the buyer pays 15% of the sales price of the apartment as a down payment.


Real right contract

When the apartment building is completed, the buyer enters into a real right contract and pays the rest of the sales price. The ownership of the apartment is transferred to the buyer.


The contractual price includes

  • Completed apartment pursuant to the construction project and the chosen interior finishing materials.
  • Fee for connecting to the utility networks (water, electricity, sewage, gas).
  • Possibility to connect to Internet, digital TV, phone line.


The contractual price does not include (to be paid for by the buyer)

  • Notary fees and state fees.
  • Connection fees for Internet, cable TV, phone line and security.